Vitamin E Oil

Our Regenerative Pomegranate Serum has Vitamin E Oil which improves fine lines and gives a youthful look to your skin. Vitamin E oil protects the skin against sun damage and it helps in growth of new skin cells. It is an excellent anti-oxidant; while its anti-inflammatory properties are great for healing skin.


Prevents Dryness: Vitamin E oil improves dry skin, it is very rich and thick which helps prevent dryness and flakiness of skin.

Skin Protection:  Vitamin E oil is a skin protectant which fights free radical and prevents skin damage due to sun exposure.

Improves the Mark of Scars: Vitamin E Oil helps improve the look of scars and marks, including acne scars.

New Skin Cells Growth: Vitamin E Oil has anti-oxidants that protects skin from sun damage and helps in healthy growth of new skin cells.


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