Jojoba Seed Oil

Our Regenerative Pomegranate Serum has Jojoba Oil which contains many essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and vitamins. It absorbs easily into the skin and delivers hydration and moisturisation. 

It contains Omega 6 and 9, which works to repair damaged skin cells. Its antioxidant properties prevent premature aging. Jojoba Seed oil brightens dull skin and rejuvenates and regenerates skin. This oil is great for all skin types.  It balances oily skin, gives soothing effect to sensitive skin and hydrates dry skin. It heals acne and breaking of skin.


Long-lasting skin hydration: Jojoba Seed Oil improves the feel of your skin while providing long lasting around the clock skin moisturisation.

Skin protection: Jojoba Seed Oil has nutrients like vitamin B and E, with an incredible mix of minerals like chromium, zinc and copper. These combined together nourish and protect skin from environmental factors that damage skin.


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