What does Regenerative Pomegranate Serum do:

  1. REVITALIZE: It refreshes and enlivens the skin by stimulating “keratinocytes”. Keratinocytes are the cells found in the outer layer of the skin.It helps in reversing the damage to your skin, revitalize your skin and make you look young.
  2. REVERSES SKIN DAMAGE: Its anti-inflammatory properties provide relief from eczema and sun burned skin. Its properties also calm irritation and redness of the skin.
  3. FIRMS SKIN: Its antioxidant properties help firming your skin as it produces Collagen.
  4. DEEPLY MOISTURISES: This mix of 11 Carrier and Essential oils is an ideal choice for Facial Care. It gets absorbed quickly and does not clog pores.
  5. BRIGHTENS: With new skin cell regeneration from pomegranate seed oil the skin starts to glow with the natural nourishment.
  6. AROMATHERAPY: The Sandalwood essential oil and Patchouli essential oil add a special aroma to the mix that provides aromatherapy benefits including stress relief, enhanced sleep patterns.

What does Australian Green Clay and Matcha Mask do:

  1. CLEANSES: Australian Green Clay cleanses skin deeply when activated. It restores balance to the skin, extracting and soaking up any excess oils lurking within the pores that can cause acne, breakouts and general build-up and congestion.
  2. REMOVES TOXINS: One of the wonderful benefits of tapioca in our mask is it helps clear acne, scars as well as spots on your skin by detoxifying your skin and removing dead skin cells. 
  3. TIGHTENS: Its anti-inflammatory properties provide relief from eczema and sun burned skin. Its properties also calm irritation and redness of the skin.
  4. BRIGHTENS: With new skin cell regeneration from pomegranate seed oil the skin starts to glow with the natural nourishment.
  5. ACNE REDUCTION: Matcha Green Tea is powerful detoxifier that removes harmful toxins and fights free radicals that damage cells needed to protect our skin. It is particularly good for acne because it has the ability to decrease sebum production. It protects our skin from harmful UV rays that encourage premature aging and hyper-pigmentation.
  6. NOURISHES: Manuka honey powder in the mask gives the ability to retain moisture to maintain the skin healthy, make it supple and hydrated. The enzymes present in manuka honey promotes healthy skin cell production and provide natural glow to the skin, strengthen it and brightens complexion


How often should I use the Serum?

We recommend twice a day use of Serum, morning after shower before moisturiser and evening after cleaning the face.

How often should I use the Mask?

We recommend once in a week use of Mask, if your skin has intense breakouts use it 3-4 times in first week and then continue with once in a week usage.

How do I use the Serum?

Open the bottle by twisting the top, use 2-4 drops and massage on to your face until absorbed. Close the bottle by twisting the top.

How do I use the Mask?

Cleanse your face before activating the mask, mix 20 drops of activating liquid with 1 spoon of mask powder mix, mix and apply with your free applicator brush. Leave it for about 10 minutes until fully dry. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry with a fresh towel. You’ll see cleansed and glowing skin from first use.

I feel a tingle after the mask application, is that normal?

Yes! Australian Green Clay and Matcha Mask is full of active ingredients. This tingle is good and means that the ingredients are working to tackle the impurities on your skin while you relax.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use these product?

We suggest patch testing the mask 48 hours before use on your inner elbow. If irritation occurs do not use.

Does this product treat acne?

Our product draws out toxins, pollutants, and oils that clog the pores. It can be incorporated into any skin routine but will not cure acne alone.

Why is Nature Talk’s mask better than other products?

Most clay masks contain 10-15% clay. Our masks content is 50% clay, which drives more effective skin results. We provide activating liquid to mix the mask as freshly activated clay works wonders for the skin and actually retains its properties for deeply cleansing and nourishment. We use all natural ingredients.

Is Nature Talk 100% Australian owned and is the product made and manufactured in Australia?

Nature Talk is 100% Australian owned and our products are manufactured in Australia.

Is your product tested on animals?

We love our furry friends and are cruelty-free.

Do your products contain any animal components or by-products?

All Nature Talk products are free of any animal components and/or by-products.

Where do you source your materials from?

Our ingredients are sourced from Australia. We work with local specialists and do research to make sure we only use quality ethical ingredients.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products do have a typical shelf life of 24 months. If our products are kept out of direct sunlight and at room temperature or below, they will stay fresher longer.

I have eczema / rosacea. Can I still use Nature Talk's mask and serum?

Clay masks are known to dry the skin so it’s important to follow the recommended usage. Please do a patch test at least 48 hours before you use it. You might experience a mild tingling sensation on your first use. Although it doesn’t contain any ingredients that might trigger eczema or rosacea, everybody is different so we suggest to check with your doctor if you’re sensitive to any of the ingredients.



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