Skincare Regimen for Stay-At-Home Mums

Skincare Regimen for Stay-At-Home Mums

On the one hand motherhood is  a wonderful, rewarding and blissful experience. On the other hand it can be exhausting just trying to keep up with the schedules you need to follow. From being a chef to becoming a chauffeur you’ll wear a variety of hats on any specific day, in the midst of it all what often gets forgotten is YOU. .

Between social calendars, and school runs the only appointment that gets forgotten is the one that you made for your skincare.  

Here are five simple things you can incorporate in your daily routine to get the healthy skin that shines with a beautiful natural glow. Don’t forget it's your smile that takes the joys of motherhood to the next level. 

Skin Cleansing

Ditch the supermarket soap. Cleansing is an important skincare regimen as it helps in removing oil, dirt, sweat and other pollutants that the skin collects throughout the day. We’ve all heard this too many times before. From now on use this step to daily nourish your skin as on some days between the morning and afternoon runs you might only have enough time to wash your face. 

For dry, dull skin use cleansers or natural soaps with honey or aloe vera to hydrate, deeply nourish and bring natural moisture to your skin.

Improve the skin texture and tone of your skin and get a blemish-free youthful glow with cleansers that have orange essential oil, lemongrass and basil.

Red or green clay soaps will help detox, balance skin and improve blood circulation. If you get eczema, acne, psoriasis, sensitive, dry or itchy skin, try goats milk and oatmeal based cleansers to help your skin recover and glow.

Before bed, try cleansers with lavender and chamomile to relax and calm the mind and body after a long day of running around. 

Mix and match, cleanse to nourish your skin.

Skin Toning

Skin toning is an important skincare regimen with beneficial effects for the skin. After cleansing the skin of impurities, use a natural toner to remove residue left by the cleanser and any oils or makeup which the cleanser might have missed.

Supplement your natural skincare regimen with  a natural toner to save your skin from damage and skin irritation caused by long term use of chemicals in skin toners.

Skin Exfoliation

Find a slot in your busy schedule to exfoliate 1-3 times a week. Have a regimen for removing surface build up, to help stimulate blood flow and enhance skin regeneration process. 

If you have acne, blackhead, break out prone skin, keep once weekly ‘me time’ for deep exfoliation using at home spa experience. 

There are so many ways to exfoliate skin naturally, and from things you can easily find in your kitchen. Try coffee grounds, sugar, finely ground sea salt, cinnamon, and oats for a beautiful homemade exfoliating scrub to brighten dull skin and fight signs of aging.

Skin Hydration - Moisturiser, Cream OR Serum? 

Spoilt for choice or feel it’s impossible to fit all you need skincare in the monthly budget mums? Either way, you need to know to decide what works best for you. 

Serums are typically formulations that deliver actives directly into your skin to improve the special functioning of the skin. A serum may technically be a lotion, gel, or oil, while moisturisers are a thicker formula to create a physical barrier that locks in hydration and prevents skin from drying out due to external factors. So serum for nutrition, moisturiser for hydrating. 

Creams, similar to moisturisers, have a hydrating function. The difference is higher concentration of fat components and a lower concentration of watery components. 

Again, the idea is not to overthink, just mix and match. When you need to handle a specific skin concern head towards a serum, very dry flaky skin cream is always a good option, vs moisturising for general purpose all time hydration. The key is in the ingredients, read, understand and make sure they work for your skin needs.

A word of caution and a side note for moisturising mums, don’t over do it, mix it up with serums to support the natural hydrating process of your body. When you moisturise too much your skin feels as though it has enough moisture, the body doesn’t naturally produce hydration itself. So on the surface, your skin may feel like it is smooth and hydrated, while long term it gets drier needing more intense moisturising.

Always use Sunscreen to Prevent Sun Damage

Always protect your beautiful skin from the harsh Australian sun. 

Apply sunscreen after using a moisturiser. You really don’t stay home as a stay at home mom. While applying sunscreen always remember to include the area around the neck,   to avoid early signs of ageing like wrinkles and sagging.  

At Nature Talk we have a range of science-backed skincare products for stay-at-home mums seeking to combat the visible signs of ageing and maintain a youthful appearance. Check out our entire range of skincare products by clicking here.

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