It’s Time For Recovery - Skincare in COVID Times

It’s Time For Recovery - Skincare in COVID Times

Using sanitisers, washing hands more often and wearing face masks in public or while using public transport has become the new normal in COVID times.

While these are important precautions required to flatten the coronavirus curve, there’s no reason why your skin has to suffer.

Here are some skincare tips to help you in these COVID times:

Hand Care

Constant hand washing strips hands of their natural oils. To prevent skin from drying, use soap and lukewarm water as frequent use of hot water can damage skin.  

It’s also best to avoid commercial antibacterial cleansers as they contain chemicals such as that can irritate skin.

While disinfectants are effective against germs, they can be harsh on skin and always use gloves when using disinfectants to clean the home.

After washing hands and drying them, apply a natural hypoallergenic moisturiser and keep the moisturiser handy in your bathroom, near kitchen sinks and in the car so it’s in easy reach every time you wash your hands.

Sometimes, a combination of moisturisers works best. Light creams add moisture to your skin's outer layer and to seal in the moisture you can add on a heavier moisturiser. If the heavier moisturiser feels greasy, you can use cotton gloves to prevent smearing when sleeping at night.

Even if your hands are chapped or don’t feel dry, moisturise them regularly as it’s easier to maintain the skin in good condition instead of the cost and effort of treating cracked or broken skin.

Face Care

While masks are helpful in preventing coronavirus, it can cause chafing of skin on the cheeks, bridge of your nose and behind the ears. It can also lead to itchiness or rash. This can be a greater concern for people working in restaurants, salons, restaurants and health care wear masks throughout their shifts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dampness or sweat under the mask can lead to acne or other skin conditions

After removing the mask, avoid touching it from the front and wash hands immediately afterwards to ensure germs aren’t transferred from the mask to the nose, mouth and eyes.

Cleanse and moisturise your face using a chemical-free moisturiser before and after using a mask. Avoid products containing petroleum as it can interfere with the mask's function, especially some masks used by health care workers. Water soluble moisturisers are preferable if your skin is oily. Cleansing skin regularly with a water-soluble moisturiser can also help in treating acne caused by prolonged mask usage. Avoid squeezing or popping pimples as this can infect the area.

If a blister is formed, clean it and apply an antibiotic ointment. Use a bandage to form a protective barrier between the mask and the blister.

Pamper Your Skin

Since many of us spend more time indoors, this is the perfect opportunity to ease up on your makeup routine and instead focus on skincare.

Give your skin a break from harsh makeup that clogs pores. This will give your skin an opportunity to breathe and also reduce the amount of potentially hazardous chemicals you are exposed to. Do the same for your nails as well. Give them a break from nail polish and acrylics.

Take the opportunity to reset your skin by taking steps you would typically overlook, such as using face serums, masks and essences. It’s important to remember that not all skincare products are chemical-free, so always choose the ones without harmful ingredients which could affect your health.

You may also want to consider adding facial massages into your skincare routine. Massages can help in relieving stress and built-up tensions.

Whenever you step out, always remember to put on your sunscreen. Sun protection is also important if your work desk is close to a window or you like to take long walks to keep fit.

Taking good care of your skin is important to look good and feel great and Nature Talk is here to help.

At Nature Talk we have a range of skincare products which can help you enjoy a youthful appearance by combating the signs of ageing. All our products are chemical-free as well as cruelty-free. You can check out our range of skincare products by clicking here.

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