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Interview with our Founders

In celebration of International Women's Day for 2019, we interviewed two of our founders, Nidhi and Neha who let us in behind the scenes on the three sisters that founded Nature Talk and where it all began. 
Why did you create Nature Talk? 
Nature Talk connects my mind, heart and soul together under the umbrella of passion.
We were always into natural therapies, even when we were kids at home we were trialling different face packs, natural hair conditioners like fruit and nut oils, egg and beer, making home remedies and getting constant lectures from our mum on natural care, fresh food, nutrition (she has MSc in Nutrition).
This venture has added real meaning to my life, creating something from nothing. Hearing our customers' reviews raving about the transformation they can's like someone is praising your baby and I feel so proud of our creation.
Our ambition and energy needed direction, our passion for back to basics and living a natural life gave us that. Nature Talk in 10 years will offer all things natural backed by scientific facts that every part of the world will embrace.

Why skincare? 
Nidhi: Skincare is very personal, I've had very dry skin from the start. My daughter and son both had mild to moderate eczema when they were born. For years now we have been struggling to find products that would just work for us, without causing dryness from harsh chemicals and no rashes for kids skin.
My last straw was when I got a whole pack of products from a well-known brand (hundreds of dollars worth) and started getting breakouts; at the same time, my daughter started to get dandruff from name brand "organic" shampoos.
As we dug deeper we realized how many fake claims are out there and how buying something natural that actually works is incredibly difficult.
That's when we decided that we would create outcome-based skincare that is 100% natural and is made from premium quality ingredients, ensuring that the effects are clearly visible.
Skincare is the first step for us, we want to bring 100% natural products across all verticals! Haircare, preventative healthcare to our customers and so over the next few years, we will develop each of these verticals.
Neha: In the post social media era, you have around 7 seconds to make a positive first impression. One of the contributing factors to this is skin. We hope to empower people to be confident in their own skin and enjoy more time doing what they like rather than airbrushing their photos.
You're passionate about being really transparent about natural ingredients and no chemicals, how hard was it to develop these products?
Nidhi: Our challenge was multifold, we wanted to keep products 100% natural, make them here in Australia to not compromise on the quality...we monitor, approve ingredients and test each batch of product that gets made.
Our products need to survive the travel, the shelf time and be very effective which was a super hard outcome to achieve!
In case of our mask, for the best results possible, while maintaining a long life without chemicals we separated the powder mix and liquid.
The liquid needed airless packaging, so we needed to demineralize the water and then add the 100% natural preservative to prevent any microbial growth. We had 2 separate labs work on the formulation, to get the most effective 100% natural liquid base for our mask. 
Similarly for Serum to ensure the stability of product without nasty chemicals we needed packaging that can protect it from water/humidity exposure, air pollution exposure.
We know we can't control how our products are used at home by our customers, but we still wanted to guarantee outcomes that only most effective protected ingredients could provide.
That's why we picked packaging that protects efficacy, our criteria was to find most effective packaging that can be dropped and not break, that can be left open in the bathroom and without getting impacted, it can travel to any part of the world and no air pollution can reduce the effectiveness of the product.
We tested hundreds of packs, and we still have some of these samples! Only the shortlisted ones made it through the testing process as the stability of our natural products needed to be tested with packaging to ensure there was no bleeding/sweating/ cross-contamination of material with our ingredients.
It was an intense process, we kept repeating our mantra nasties in our products, only quality ingredients that will be most effective for cleansing (mask) and regenerating the lost glow that we are all born with (Serum).
This was an interesting issue specially for our Mask. We wanted people to have three main things:
1. Easy and convenient to use,
2. Fresh, and 
Ironically fresh and longevity don’t go hand in hand. After some intense brainstorming sessions, we went back to the basics i.e. keep liquid separate and airtight. This actually created an additional benefit for our customer. Every drop of our mask remaines remain super effective from its first use to its last for months on end!
Nature Talk is Australian made, tell us why that's important to you?
Nidhi: We truly believe in the quality of ingredients we find in Australia, we are obsessed with staying true to our claim that our products are 'outcome-based' and we need each batch to deliver that promise to our customers.
We know when we talk about our ingredients such as matcha tea, Australian green clay, manuka honey powder, pomegranate oil, helichrysum oil that they are the most active and effective versions of each not cheap alternatives.
We trust Australian made and we refuse to produce anything that has a remote chance of being quality compromised, we use these products on ourselves, our kids, our parents are using them too, it can't get any more personal.
Neha: Australian Made says it all…. high-quality ingredients and processes and at Nature talk, we want both for our customers.  
It's International Women's Day this week- who are the women that have inspired you?
Nidhi: Many actually in their very own unique ways!
From our mum to my mom-in-law who got married at 19, had 2 kids by the time she was 22 and then started her 'real' life. She studied and completed her masters and PhD while taking care of it all at home as she comes from a generation in India where men don't do housework. She travelled to England with family, worked, took care of family and even found time to make some amazing friends during her travels.
There's one chapter in history though that gave me true inspiration. I read about Marie Curie when I was in school learning about people who have won Nobel prize. Her life story inspired me deeply. Fighting sexism her entire life, fighting critics and living the life to reconcile her career in science while dealing with her personal life, and winning 2 Nobel Peace prizes.
What I find astounding though is 110 years down the line, we are still fighting that fight pushing the boundaries, continuously and consciously getting what we want to say heard. And yet every time I still hear about the stereotype duties, 40% less salaries for women in corporate roles (which are ATO declared numbers in Australia), a mum's struggle to find the balance I want to get into each of these conversations and 'STEP-IN' to fight the unfairness and imbalance that still prevails.
This International Women's Day if there is one thing I'd like to encourage everyone around me to do is to STEP-IN and not be a spectator, fight the battle head-on, for themselves and for others, this is truly big picture effort we all need to put in for everyone's better future and not settle down until we drive this change.
Neha: I find every woman that I have come across as inspiring, whether it's my mom, sisters, In-laws, friends, colleagues and even strangers at times  Females have their own way of dealing with hurdles and each of their stories teaches you something.  
What is one piece of advice you'd give yourself ten years ago? 
Nidhi: Oh gosh, I've been discussing with our family for about 11 years that we should start our own company, start off with something small and build something of our own.
Retrospectively now I would advise myself to get started, there's really nothing to be scared off, follow your passion and money will come, well hopefully....we only need so much to survive anyway; pursue real happiness, not a fake material life. Live in today.
Neha: Change is a good thing. I came to Australia 13 years ago and since then and now change is the only constant thing in my life.  
What is the one thing you can't live without? 
Nidhi: My family, I'm truly an Indian when it comes to loving a family life....all of it, cousins, distant ones too, the whole package fun and drama inclusive. Definitely, not a second thought is my passion, passion to create, to challenge the norm and do something meaningful.
Neha: My two daughters, love has new meaning when you become a mom… all of that oxytocin that makes you fall in love even when your brain is all fussy and sleep deprived!
What skincare tips or tricks do you have (other than using Nature Talk!)
Nidhi: I recommend a holistic approach for self-care, nutrition and hydration needs to come from what we eat and drink as much as what we apply.
Be conscious of what you use, don't be afraid to ask the question after all you need to know what's in it? what if it doesn't do what it says? Is it a quick fix today, what are the long term effects of ingredients on your skin?
A couple of must do natural skin care tips:
1. Add organic turmeric for its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties to your homemade recipes especially if your skin is prone to acne you'll be surprised at the speed of recovery.
2. Sandalwood Oil has incredible benefits for skin and mind, stress-free sleep is a must have for beautiful glowing skin, find a 100% pure one just rub some in your hands, inhale before going to bed. 
Neha: I have two recommendations:
1. Water! Water! Water!  The majority of your body is made of water and it is absolutely critical part in flushing all the toxins out of your body, and keeping you hydrated!
2. Read and educate yourself. Turn the packet over for all skincare you use and think about what are you feeding your skin!
    If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing?
    Nidhi: When do I have time to think about this! But…..on a serious note though, this was a very well thought out decision, so this is exactly what I would be doing. If I didn't have the courage last year to quit a very well paid corporate job, I would have still been stuck there, and thank god that's not my reality today. I'm working hard to ensure that never happens again.
    Neha: I do think I would have been involved in health and natural based business as I do believe nature does have the answers to our problems, we just have to look for it.  
    What is your dream for 2019?
    Nidhi: This will be our first full year of operations, for Nature Talk we dream of becoming a household name of skincare in Australia. We are very ambitious and want to take our beautiful Australian made natural products to the whole world, this year we'd like to tick mark China and India. 
    Neha: We are already in 2019, it is time for action not dreaming. My dream can be for 2025 that being able to provide our customer with more innovative answers from nature. 
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