Four Reasons Pomegranate Seed Oil Is Amazing For Your Skin!

Four Reasons Pomegranate Seed Oil Is Amazing For Your Skin!

Here at Nature Talk, we spent months developing our natural skincare range and obsessed over every single 100% natural ingredient that we included.

Each ingredient is chosen for its potency and amazing qualities, and so it only makes sense that the hero product of our Regenerative Pomegranate Serum, is Pomegranate seed oil. 

There are several reasons we chose to use pomegranate oil in our best-selling, Australian Made serum: 

1. Pomegranate seed oil is a superfood for your skin with a whole plethora of nutrients like Punicic acid, Vitamin C, Linoleic acid to name a few. All these nutrients work together to repair, refresh and nourish your skin. 

2. It refreshes and enlivens the skin by stimulating “keratinocytes”, the cells found in the outer layer of the skin.

3. It's anti-inflammatory in nature which helps to calm redness and irritation of the skin, making it perfect for those with sensitive or acne prone skin.

4. Pomegranate seed oil helps to firm skin by stimulating and promoting collagen and elastin production – keeping skin plump and elastic.

Here at Nature Talk, we're about science-backed natural products, that look after our environment as much as they look after your skin. 

Find out more about our Regenerative Pomegranate Serum HERE. 

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