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4 Easy Self Care Regimes for Time-Poor Working Mums

As if life wasn’t hard already, now with lockdowns, the supermums also have to work from home, teach from home, and not to mention deal with the everyday mess that never seems to be under control.  

In the midst of it all did you park self-care in the back shelf to be pulled out when you have more time at hand? Here’s finally some good news, not everything needs to be hard and time consuming, we hope these 5 easy self care regimes for healthy mind, body and soul that will have you on your way to feeling great everyday at home or when you are finally out and about. 

Set a date with yourself

Selfcare is not about do it once, then set and forget. Set a weekly date with yourself in your calendar, it's your time with your choice of music, read a book, go for a massage, go for a walk, eat food that you like with a glass or 5 of the drink of your choice. It sounds simple but it’s a really effective strategy, make sure you block the time in calendars of others at home so they know you are OUT and MUST NOT be disturbed.


Give your skin 10 minutes of mindful daily attention, cleanse, tone, nourish your skin. Read the label of your products, smell them so you know it’s not nasty perfumes hiding the chemical fumes, surround yourself with simple, pure things that play with your mind and skin to give you happy skin that makes you smile every time you look at yourself.

Pay Importance to Nutrition, there’s a way to keep it simple

From 10 glasses of water to simple balanced meal, everything you eat and drink has a role to play in how you feel. A simple regime is to narrow your food choices, pick 2-3 of your favorites each week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make them with all your heart in it, savour them so the nutrition is absorbed by the body and then move to the next 2-3 the next week. 

Self-care for the Soul

Do a mini-declutter, get some sun on your skin, help someone, ask for help, last but super effective make a friendly connection, to the barista in the morning or to the next person who calls you. It’s the little something extra that connects you back to yourself, pick between a rushed life versus a rushed life with small pauses and see what a great difference it makes to how you feel.

In a nutshell, it's the small regular doses of things for your mind, body and soul that are important for self-care versus grand gestures that are always postponed for another day when you have more time. Keep your well being at the top of the list. Always.

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